Welcome to the Westside LA Neighbors Network

Our Mission

Bringing neighbors together on the issues that matter.

Our Objectives

We build coalitions and work on projects. Some of the issues that concern us are: the environment, housing and commercial over-development, transportation and infrastructure, the homeless and City services.

We achieve our goal through outreach and networking with the local neighborhood and community councils, homeowner and residents associations and other local nonprofits and public interest groups that share our concerns, interests and objectives.

We promote and foster community involvement on all levels. We encourage and help our neighbors get involved. We embrace community activism in order to make positive changes in our City government, our communities and the Westside region as a whole.

Our Philosophy

We believe in transparency, accountability and responsiveness from our City officials and departments.

We believe our neighbors can come together and solve any problem if given the chance. We are all about finding solutions that work for everyone.

Who We Are

We live, work and/or play on the Westside. We love the Westside and all it has to offer.

We are currently applying for nonprofit 510(c)4 status. Our Board members are unpaid volunteers who passionately serve our communities.