Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Mar Vistans are concerned about the Livable Boulevards Streetscape Plan. We've already experienced Great Streets and Vision Zero. This is how the City will continue to bring inappropriate road diets and improperly installed protected bike lanes to the communities of Palms, Del Rey, Playa Vista, West LA Sawtelle, the Westside, Venice and Mar Vista. Great Streets was presented as a streetscapes plan too, but what we got was a road diet.

Livable Boulevards is an attachment to the West LA Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Specific Plan (TIMP)and Coastal Transportation Corridor Specific Plan Update which were approved by the LA City Council on June 19, 2018. Outreach in 2016 focused mainly on Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) fee changes. It contains numerous iterations for the streets mentioned below. We don’t believe these plans have been presented to the communities they impact, nor is it clear which City Department(s) are making the decisions.

The Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC) filed a Community Impact Statement (CIS) to Council File 08-0229 regard this plan, asking for more public hearings and community engagement prior to implementation, which was ignored.

The LA City Planning Department filed a CEQA Exemption for this plan on May 22, 2018. We filed a CEQA appeal on June 21, 2018 to exercise our administrative remedies in regard this new streetscapes plan.


1) “MULTI-MODAL MOBILITY & ACCESSIBILITY” “Expand the function of the street to be more inclusive of active travel modes by promoting bicycle and pedestrianoriented streetscape amenities. Improve connections to nearby transit and local businesses by promoting streetscape amenities, pedestrian infrastructure, and bicycle facilities.

2) “SAFETY” “Reduce the likelihood of collisions between people and vehicles by supporting bicycle and ADA-accessible pedestrianoriented features such as access ramps, curb extensions, continental crosswalks, and protected bikeways.” “Increase pedestrian activity by creating a safe and inviting environment for shopping, leisure, and community events”


Mobility Plan 2035, Vision Zero (p. 1-1), “roadway restriping or street reconfiguration” (p. 3-5), “parklets” and “pedestrian plazas” (p. B-2), “protected bicycle lanes” (p. B-3) and dedicated bus lanes (p. 5-17).


Pico Green Pico Blvd from Centinela Avenue to the I-405 Freeway (pp. 5-2 to 5-9)
Pico Patricia Pico Blvd from the 405 Freeway to Patricia Ave (pp. 5-10 to 5-19)
Motor Ave from the I-10 Freeway to Venice Blvd (pp. 5-20 to 5-29)
Centinela Ave from Washington Blvd to Jefferson Blvd (pp. 5-30 to 5-41)
Venice Blvd from Lincoln Blvd to Inglewood Boulevard (pp. 5-42 to 5-51)


• During a recent conversation with Steven Katigbak and Renata Ooms, Planning Associates with the LA City Planning Department, they insisted that this is a “living document” and “nothing is set in stone.”

• What they didn’t say: 1) who is making these decisions, and 2) why public outreach in 2016 didn't specifically address and solicit feedback on the proposed streets changes in the Livable Boulevards Streetscape plan.

• There is no planned implementation date, so why are they filing for a CEQA exemption right now?

• This plan also implies that the Great Streets “pilot project” on Venice Blvd is in fact a permanent installation.

Contact: Selena Inouye with Restore Venice Blvd, restoreveniceblvd@gmail.com or (424) 326-3666 

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  1. Unfortunately I live right in this area. I was never contacted for input (nor anyone I know), and it makes no sense to strip away traffic lanes on major streets and hurt the little businesses (which no doubt are being bought up by big developers when they close from lack of customers and parking). There were always bike lanes! The protected lanes are dangerous and accidents to cars and bikers are all up, from what I know. The air stinks from exhaust... cars sitting in traffic. You need rapid transit FIRST-- where did they think all the cars would go? And are granny and the disabled going to be walking/bike-riding? I think someone behind the scenes must be making a lot of money to do this to the people who live here. IT is shameful.